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The USA-Eurasia Business Conference aims to foster economic development between the US and Eurasian countries. With this objective, the conference will organize a series of keynote speakers, speeches, plenary sessions, topical panels, and social events featuring distinguished leaders from industry, government, and academia who have intimate experience in international business in Eurasia.

The USA-Eurasia Business Conference will place a keen focus on several parts of the Eurasian region including Russia, Central Asia, and the Caspian region. Significant political changes in those countries during the past two decades, coupled with developments in technology, logistics, and infrastructure have created new opportunities for trade and economic cooperation. The Midwest has tremendous potential to become fully engaged in this region. To increase strategic economic collaboration involving mutually beneficial trade and development initiatives, the conference will bring together key players in both regions to discuss business opportunities within the framework of establishing sustainable long-term relationships.

Main Topics

  • Discussion of US Policy in Russia, Central Asia and the Caspian Region from the economic cooperation perspective
  • Discussion of investment opportunities in industries such as agriculture, energy, chemical production, food, transport, building materials, mining, information technology and communications, health care, equipment, etc.
  • Review of countries’ short and long-term investment climate
  • Discussion of laws and regulations promoting foreign direct investment
  • Discussion of practical market entry strategies, operational set up, and risks

Who Should Attend

The target audience will include members of the business, government, non-profit, and academic communities with interest and expertise in international trade and economic development. The conference will seek to foster a synthesis of expertise in various disciplines, including business, law, politics, and economics, drawing primarily from practical experience.

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